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About Us

imageWe believe chronic pain is not something we need to learn to live with. We also believe that massage is just one of many tools which will allow you to transform your life and "create a healthier you"! 

The body is an amazing machine when it functions without restrictions. Injury, illness and stress all work against the body's natural ability to heal itself. Massage, nutrition, physical activity and mental attitude all play a role in our health or lack of it.

Genesis Massage was founded to help our clients in all those areas through education and hands-on work. We welcome your questions and are eager to help you improve your life.







Simone Jansen, CMT

Simone is a firm believer in the healing power of touch. Simone's focus is on enabling the body to function properly, restoring health and range of motion by combining several therapeutic modalities.

Through workshops, Simone brings education to the community on a variety of topics from teaching parents massage to help with ADD/ADHD, use of Essential Oils for natural health care, wellness seminars for the workplace, or teaching couples to massage each other and many more topics.